Matte Black Nail Clipper


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The Dark Stag Man’s Nail Clipper uses an ultra slim design to minimise precious pocket or man drawer space. The folding lock design means no sharp edges are exposed while not in use. Finished in stealth black this grooming gadget provides powerful clipping capabilities.

Dimensions: 60mm x 5mm x 13mm

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Matte Black Nail Clipper

The Dark Stag Matte Black Nail Clipper is ruthlessly masculine. It’s the perfect addition to any mans grooming regime. Made in stainless steel with an innovative folding mechanism, this simple little tool manages to look hi-tech whilst remaining easy to use. At Dark Stag, we pride ourselves on our precision and quality, featuring in many barbering publications across the globe. This minimalist tool, with a sleek, slim and simple design will appeal to any modern man.


The Dark Stag Matte Black Nail Clipper come in a midnight matte black, easy to grip when compared to a glossy finish and visually striking. The clippers have perfectly aligned hand finished blades, mounted on our innovative spring loaded cutting mechanism, which has been cleverly included with the folding system. The hand sharpened stainless steel blades cut thick nails smoothly and easily, with no need for filing, preventing splitting. If you wish to also file however, we have included one on the inside of the cuticle pusher, protecting the file from unnecessary wear and tear. The unique handle design allows the Nail Clipper to cradle fingers, making it easier to control and delivering a more confident clip every time. The durable spring system will make cutting smooth and the mechanism will not become loose over time.

For the perfect cut with the Dark Stag Matte Black Nail Clipper, we recommend you do not cut straight across. Your nails should reflect your cuticles, quite literally. Imagine your nail is an oval, follow your cuticle round and you should be fine. Try to leave a little white for the optimal aesthetic (also so the customer or yourself can still use them!). Make sure to tend to your cuticles, and be conservative with your hangnails. Also, don’t forget to clean underneath, a practice that is often overlooked but can dramatically improve how the nails look.

Dimensions: 60mm x 5mm x 13mm

This product is the ideal companion to the matching Dark Stag Matte Black Barber Tweezers.

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