About Dark Stag

Crafted With Integrity.

Dark Stag is a range of tools and styling products available in 15 countries, supplying professionals through strictly professional wholesalers and distributors.


Barbering is much more a haircut.  It is a way of life.

It represents the perfect fusion of tradition, technique, innovation, vision – and passion.

Dark Stag respects barbers as the ultimate experts – masters of their craft – and we exist to equip them with the most trusted tools and finest professional styling products. 

ASK YOUR BARBER is Dark Stag’s new styling range with a game changing ethos based around respecting and supporting barbers. This is a range they can truly own, and be proud gatekeepers of.

We do all this in service of our primary mission: to unleash the creative potential of the global barber community. 


In every barbershop, on every street, in every town – there you will find what we stand for.