Our mission is to unleash the creative potential of the global barber community. Dark Stag draws inspiration from the history of the profession, its integrity and the pride of today’s barbers. From this, we earn the trust of artists.

New Blood.

Dark Stag’s delighted to introduce our first official ambassador!

If you’re big into online barbering, chances are you’re well aware of @brideyjo – and with good reasons!

With features in some of the industry’s biggest publications, she’s one of Britain’s brightest barbers! Bridey runs thing at @brideyjobarbers and has proudly been making magic with our tools since the earliest days of her career.

In her own words, Bridey’s buzzing to unlock more creative potential with us!

So let’s get to it. Welcome to the team, Bridey Jo!


It’s not easy being green.

But we’re trying.

Here at Dark Stag, we’re striving to make our services not just superior – but sustainable too. Better for barbers, and better for the planet.

From today, it’s not just our product boxes that are cardboard – so are our Jiffy Green Size 1 bags. They’re fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

We’re committed to doing even more for the environment; keep it locked to our newsletter and socials over the coming months for more updates on our green ambitions.



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Rows and rows of remarkable razors.

The Kamisori Straight Razor’s probably our coolest product, and if you’re looking to show off when shops reopen, you could do a lot worse than one of these in your tool kit.

It’s a razor-sharp reinvention of an Eastern icon that’s been honed to give barbers a truly competitive edge.

Buy the blade and find out more about the full Kamisori story at darkstag.com or through the link in our bio. What’s more, if you sign up at darkstag.com/newsletter, you can get a special Dark Stag discount off of this superior shaver… or any other tool you fancy.


Dress the part.

A closer look at @d.chow95 in the newest member of the Dark Stag range: our timeless Barber Jacket. We’ve been working hard to sharpen your shop’s sartorial standards!

Get ready for the Dark Stag Barber Jacket – a superior spin on traditional barbering designed to help any coiffeur look the part.

It’s flexible, durable and comes in sizes S through XXL.

What’s more, our brilliant Barber Jackets are available with 15% off if you sign up at darkstag.com/newsletter – our May issue’s about to go live, and you won’t want to miss it if you love exclusive news and offers.


Ready for some heavy duty hairdressing?

We’ve got the apparel for you.

The Dark Stag Barber Apron protects both you and your tools from all the hazards of haircare.

Be the best looking barber in the shop, and save some cash too; you can get it for 15% its normal asking price over at darkstag.com/newsletter.

📸: @sambarkerphoto


A blade for every barber.

No matter what style your barbershop’s repping, we’ve designed our tools to be truly timeless.

So, no matter if you’re all in on the old school aesthetic or you’re keeping it cool with comics like @ryanpotterbarber – there’s a blade for every barber.

Ready to make our superior tools your superpower? Get yourself a discount at darkstag.com/newsletter!


Care behind the chair.

An iconic update of its Japanese namesake, the Dark Stag Kamisori Folding Razor slices where worlds collide – the cutthroat cool of a traditional straight razor, with all the exquisite artistry of its Eastern equivalent 🔥💈⁣

Photographed here by the eagle-eyed @constantin.clark – it’s effective for edging and armed with Dark Stag’s distinctive rapid blade changing mechanism, the Folding Kamisori Razor is sure to cut through any competition 🔪⁣

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