Our mission is to unleash the creative potential of the global barber community. Dark Stag draws inspiration from the history of the profession, its integrity and the pride of today’s barbers. From this, we earn the trust of artists.

Options for every barber.

We’re on a mission to make sure there’s a tool for every type of barber. Whether you prefer the traditional touch or a more modern approach, there’s a stylish shaving brush for everyone.

Our Synthetic Shaving Brush comes with all the qualities of a standard bristle brush, but is totally vegan-friend… and more durable than its organic equivalent!

Don’t just take Dark Stag’s word for it though! Here’s what real barbers had to say:

“The most important thing is I would buy it again. What I liked was how easy it was to use and how much better it was to shave using this brush.” – 5-star review, Deck McNaught

“Good price. Good quality – just what I needed!” 5-star review, Paul E

“Smooth bristles! The shaving brush is easy to handle with bristles that spread the lather evenly over one’s face. Great product!” 5-star review, Alex D Verna

“Great gift. I bought this for my husband and after its first use, he said he loved it. He loved the way it lathered up the soap, and massaged the skin too. A successful gift!” – 4-star review, Pam Cooper

At just £22 / $30 / €25, it’s one of the most iconic (and affordable) tools in our range.⁠

Dark Stag – superior tools, used by superior barbers 🦌

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The perfect balance between premium quality and price, our DS1 scissors are on board to help barbers succeed.

Forged in heat-treated stainless steel, the Dark Stag DS1s are perfectly cast to provide long-lasting performance. Perfectly balanced from point to ring, they’ve been getting glowing reviews from across the industry:

“Excellent quality. Bought as a gift; excellent quality and service.” – 5-star review, April Miller

“A definite buy! Happy hairdresser.” – 5-star review, Jim Ross

“High-tech scissors.” The scissors are a joy to hold and use.” – 5-star review, M A Odell

“Perfect for home use. [The DS1] is excellent in terms of quality and functionality – easy to use.” 5-star review, G.Q.

Available for just £42 / $60 / €50 at darkstag.com, the DS1s are designed for barbers just like you. Get a further 15% off at darkstag.com/newsletter or through the link in our bio!


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We’re proud to have barbers like @blackcatbarber at @bonesclubuk honouring the craft with our superior barber tools.

Seeing our friends unleash their creative potential is why we do what we do; if you want to stay one step ahead of the herd, reach out – we’d love to hear from you.

Our bio link is filled with the best content Dark Stag has to offer. Check it out to see the best in modern barbering.


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Rows and rows of remarkable razors.

The Kamisori Straight Razor’s probably our coolest product, and if you’re looking to show off when shops reopen, you could do a lot worse than one of these in your tool kit.

It’s a razor-sharp reinvention of an Eastern icon that’s been honed to give barbers a truly competitive edge.

Buy the blade and find out more about the full Kamisori story at darkstag.com or through the link in our bio.


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Every tool tells a story, and our Kamisori Straight Razor’s starts over 800 years ago. A tonsorial tool used in religious ceremony, the Kamsori retains its sense of ritual and art.

At Dark Stag, it’s the history of hair that drives us; you’ll find a blog post about this remarkable razor’s Eastern origins at darkstag.com or through the link in our bio.

It’s time to start telling your own Kamisori story, barbers!


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Take pride.

It’s our simple mission to provide barbers with a cohesive collection of superior tools that enhances talent and creativity. When it comes to @lilvikingshair_swyd – it’s clear that the sky’s the limit… and it’s a spectrum. 🌈

Every technicolored cut you see here utilised our Kamisori razor range to create movement and texture, while the Fade Brush was used to get rid of hair of *all* colours.

We couldn’t be more excited to see our tools breaking the rules. If you’ve got any questions about how our brilliant barber tools can make your work shine, DM us today!

And don’t forget to sign up at darkstag.com/newsletter for more inspiring styles and stories!


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Dark Stag almost didn't make it to Modern Barber's first-ever Barberfest!

When a close-contact Covid-19 warning ravaged our plans to exhibit, it was up to our friend and ambassador Bridey Jo to show off her skills on the Inspiration Stage! Thankfully, Bridey smashed her stunning modern mullet haircut and showed the world what barbers are capable of under pressure!

Check out the rest of our coverage of the event at the link in our bio!


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