Barbering is defined by the skill of its practitioners: barbers. What defines a barber? Their knowledge, their skills… and their tools.

Dark Stag’s wide range of accessories will help define who you are as a barber. From their ease of use and practicality, to their smooth, understated designs. There isn’t a single aspect that any barber can’t identify with and want to personify. All of this with the added bonus of a durable, trustworthy tool!

We create barbering accessories that are tough and durable, always aiming to give you the most trustworthy product we can. Dark Stag take the highest quality, durable materials, and combine them with a refined manufacturing process to give you tools that are perfect for your work.

We make sure every single one of our hand-crafted accessories is made as close to perfection as possible.

Dark Stag produces a wide range of accessories, such as: leather barber tool, the rubber station mat, and the buffalo leather strop.

Take a look at our fantastic range down below and find your new brand for life!

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