The Dark Stag DS+ range is the premium range of scissors you can rely on. The tools you can trust.

The DS+ range offers incredible long lasting precision and an effortless reliable feel when cutting. Available in both straight and offset, along with a left-handed variant, there is a pair of scissors for everybody!
The DS+ range is constructed in an extremely hard, heat-treated, durable stainless steel. We heat treat the steel to increase the hardness, thus making a longer lasting, acute convex edge. This level of sharpness is only durable if the steel is right so that the scissors will cut over a long period before any servicing or sharpening is required.
A razor sharp, acute convex edge ensures that the barber scissors are high performance no matter the work they are doing. Including more advanced techniques, such as slice cutting, point cutting and texturising. It is the sharpest edge you can get on your scissors.

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