The Dark Stag Shaving Set is a great all in one purchase to improve your shaving routine, or the perfect gift!

The Dark Stag Shaving Set is a 4-part shaving set, it includes the Dark Stag SR1 double edged safety razor, the Dark Stag synthetic badger shaving brush, the Dark Stag stainless steel shaving bowl, and a stainless steel presentation stand.
The Dark Stag SR1 Safety Razor is hand made with a nickel alloy head and accents with a beautiful willow handle. This super durable razor is perfectly balanced, with a lightweight willow handle that only enhances the pieces elegance. This handle has been hand crafted, oiled and lacquered which keeps out all moisture and extends the life of the product. The SR1 uses traditional razor blades, which are widely available from most barbering and beauty retailers.
To extend the life of your products, it is important to store both the SR1 razor and the shaving brush on the stand when not in use. Keeping the razor stored on its side will blunt the blades and shorten their usability, leading to more frequent replacements. The brush should hang upside down, so any additional moisture that was not shaken out will drip down to avoid any growth of bacteria.

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