Is your beard or moustache looking a bit ratty? Maybe you need a Beard & Moustache Scissor!

The Dark Stag Beard and Moustache scissor is a must have for any gentleman who desires the perfect beard. These scissors provide sharp and accurate beard and moustache trimming and shaping. Designed with precision in mind, these beard and moustache scissors will tame any beard, cutting out any flyaway strands and keeping hair in check.
The Dark Stag Beard and Moustache Scissors are made from durable, lightweight, yet sturdy stainless steel. They have razor sharp blades that won’t pull or tug on your sensitive facial hair. These hand crafted scissors are small, whilst also being capable enough to tackle the full thing, yet versatile enough to take on the finer detail of your beard. Always use beard or moustache scissors when trimming your beard, not clippers, as scissors provide more control and ability to shape. But don’t think there is any need to limit yourself to just your beard and ‘tache! These bad boys can tackle any hair on your face: brows, ears, nose, you name it! Just handle with care.

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