With gentle strokes, fluffy lather, a soft brush and warm water you can treat yourself to a luxurious addition to your morning.

Shaving at home is usually done with a safety razor. The range of Dark Stag safety razors covers a few popular material options, such as the classic, light wooden handle of the SR1 or the weighty, sturdy feel of the all metal SR+.

All of our tools are created equal, tools that are tough and durable. So we always aim to give you the most trustworthy product we can. Dark Stag take the highest quality, durable materials. Our refined manufacturing process gives you a safety razor you can be proud to own. Likewise, we have products we are proud to sell.

We make sure every single one of our hand-crafted shaving tools is made as close to perfection as possible. Combining old-world forging techniques with modern, fashionable style and a reliability you simply can’t ignore. As a result, you can style with confidence and give the look that screams success.

Take a look at our fantastic range down below and find your new brand for life!

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