Dark Stag SR+ Double Edged Safety RazorDark Stag SR+ Double Edged Safety Razor

SR+ Safety Razor



Safety Razor Dark Stag DS+ Double Edged Razor

The SR+ double edge razor safety razor is produced with a heavy duty stainless steel handle and nickle alloy head.  This super durable razor is perfectly balanced, with supreme stability, and enhanced by its knurled grip.  The black plasma coating is durable and the look improves with age and use.  This razor uses widely available traditional double edge blades.

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A quality double edge razor or disposable plastic? – that is the question!

If you prefer the feel of a wooden handle you may wish to see our SR1 Wooden Handle Double Edge Razor.

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SR+ Safety Razor

The Dark Stag SR+ Safety Razor makes shaving less of a chore and more of a ritual. You can arise every morning knowing that you have an enjoyable quiet 5 minutes to yourself in front of the mirror, carefully sculpting your facial hair, or going completely bare! Spend some quality with your face and safety razor.

If you frequently find yourself cutting your face it may be down to dull blades, but it can also be down to the quality of the razor you use. A heavier, quality razor lets gravity do the hard work efficiently, requiring less pressure and reducing the number of cuts.

Do you wake up dreading your morning routine? Feel like shaving is a chore? Do you frequently nick your face? Are you looking to go back to your roots with a traditional shave? Do you just want a great safety razor? The SR+ answers all of those questions.


The Dark Stag SR+ Safety razor is available in a stylish and sleek tool in a glossy black finish. This isn’t any black coating though, it’s Dark Stag’s own black plasma coating, which ensures super durability, along with protection from the wet environment of the bathroom. The black plasma coating ages well, improving with time and use to create a unique tool that feels like an extension of your hand rather than a tool.

The SR+ Safety Razor is produced with a heavy duty, heavy weight steel handle and nickle alloy head, ensuring stability and long lasting use. The knurled grip helps to keep a good hold on the razor, even in wet bathroom conditions. Perfectly balanced and reliable, what more can you ask for?

This razor uses widely available traditional double edge blades, an economical, pro-environmental solution to the problematic plastic of disposable razors.

For a full shaving set, with a wooden handle safety razor see the Dark Stag Shaving Set.

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