We at Dark Stag have designed our hand-crafted scissors with barbering in mind. Barbers need tools they can trust.

Tools they know won’t fail them when under a heavy work-load. Tools with integrity.

We create barber scissors that are tough and durable, aiming to give you the most trustworthy product. Dark Stag take the highest quality, durable materials, combine them with a refined manufacturing technique, and give you shears that are made specifically for barbers. We make sure every single pair of our hand-crafted shears is made as close to perfection as possible. We take the knowledge of our predecessors, who paved the way to creating master tools, and apply modern techniques with modern design to give you the tools you need to succeed. Whilst you innovate style in the chair, we innovate the tools in your hand.

Dark Stag makes a whole range of scissors, everything from straight barber scissors, offset, thinners, shears, and more.

Take a look at our fantastic range down below and find your new brand for life!

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