The Dark Stag Barber ApronThe Dark Stag Barber Apron

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Our barber apron is hand stitched in comfortable, breathable and durable tan canvas. Black and brown pockets and loops are secured with strong rivets to provide long lasting storage for all essential tools. Adjustable waist and neck straps are secured with brass hook holes and lobster clasps providing flexibility to fit barbers of all shapes and sizes. The Dark Stag barber barber apron will age well, gaining character through use or, with proper care, maintaining the look of refinement this apron so naturally gives.

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Dark Stag Barber Apron

The Dark Stag Barber Apron is a beautiful solution to protecting your clothes against the muck and grime of barbering. Made with canvas, a lightweight material that reduces strain from continuous use, whilst also being naturally tough and durable. You won’t have to worry about every day use with this apron, it’s more than up to the task. It features a large number of pockets, designed to be able to fit almost any barber tool you can imagine. Unless you are trying to stick a barber chair in there. The straps are also height and waist adjustable, making this versatile barbering accessory ideal for any user.


The Dark Stag Barber Apron comes in a stylish natural tan colour, with black and brown detailed pockets, and beautiful brass details. The brass is polished, making the rivets, loops and lobster clips really stand out against the black, brown and tan colouration. The hand stitched canvas is exceptionally durable, not only ageing and wearing well, but as it ages adding character to the apron, making it a personal piece that identifies itself as yours and yours alone. An added bonus is that canvas is lightweight and breathable, ideal for extended periods of use, or every day barbering as we like to call it. The stitching itself is a crisp cream colour that really stands out against the darker colouration of the black and tan pockets.

The adjustable waist and neck straps are secured to brass hook holes, with lobster clasps providing flexibility to fit barbers of all shapes and sizes. Overall, this is a stylish accessory that will either look well used and loved by the cool and collected, or with good care will look exceptional on the elegant and refined.

The Dark Stag Barber Apron is more than just an accessory, it’s an indicator of lifestyle. You take your work seriously and are proud of what you do. You want the world to see what you are doing. The Dark Stag Barber Apron helps make this image complete.

The Dark Stag Barber Apron pairs exceptionally well with the Dark Stag Leather Tool Roll, click the link to see why!

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Dimensions 31 × 9 × 7 cm