Dark Stag Barber Comb 2 - Cutting CombDark Stag Barber Comb 2 - Cutting Comb

Barber Comb 2 – Cutting



Dark Stag’s barber combs are made of a carbon fibre mix to ensure extreme strength and durability.  All are anti-static and heat resistant up to 230°C.

Comb 2 – Cutting 

Excellent all-round cutting comb suitable for scissor over comb work.

Length 18.3 cm

Maximum Depth 2.5cm

Weight 12g

This comb is the perfect partner to our barber scissors.

Mohamed Edris

Strong comb Good product and it goes very smooth styling my curly hair


It's a comb It's a comb! You can comb your hair with it!

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Barber Comb 2 – Cutting Comb

Popular style for barbering with great flexibility and ideal for scissor over comb work. With wide teeth for low-tension cutting and fine teeth for precision control.

The carbon composition of the cutting comb ensures that they are anti-static, and heat and chemical resistant. Ideal for every day use in the barbershop.


Length 18.3 cm

Maximum Depth 2.5 cm

Weight 12g

Top Tips

One of the most popular techniques for cutting and trimming men’s hair is the scissor over comb method. This comb can also be used for clipper over comb work, but it is primarily aimed at scissor work. It’s a fundamental skill to master, it provides an even, consistent cut, and is ideal for removing significant amounts of thick hair. A variety of different finishes to this cut are possible. Depending on the size of the blade or clipper you are using. And the amount of time you put into practising of course. The right size scissor and comb will depend on the area of the head you are working on, as well as the hair’s length and texture. By cutting hair evenly at the exterior, this technique encourages hair to grow out evenly and last as long as possible.

The cutting comb should be held in the less dominant hand and used to lift hair at a 90 degree angle away from the scalp. The barber can then hold the scissors in the dominant hand and move up the comb, cutting off the hair sticking out beyond the comb’s teeth. For a tapered effect, with long hair at the top and short hair at the bottom, the comb will need to be angled.

We suggest that you perform scissor over comb technique on dry or slightly damp hair for best results. Wet hair can potentially clump and result in an uneven cut.

This comb is a perfect partner to our barber scissors.

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Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 25 × 4 × 0.20 cm