The Dark Stag bundle of 3 Carbon Barber Combs.The Dark Stag bundle of 3 Carbon Barber Combs.

3 x Carbon Barber Comb Bundle



Dark Stag’s barber combs are made of a carbon fibre mix to ensure extreme strength and durability.  All are anti-static and heat resistant up to 230°C.

This bundle includes all 3 of our combs:

  1. Barber Comb 1 – Tapered
  2. Barber Comb 2 – Clipper
  3. Barber Comb 3 – Military
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The Dark Stag Barber Comb Bundle contains all three of the Dark Stag professional combs. No more jumping around between the pages trying to get all three together!

These black carbon barber combs offer a great alternative to the hard rubber combs that other companies offer. Unlike rubber combs, carbon is heat resistant, non-reactive and easy to clean. They don’t get brittle with age and are exceptionally durable. On top of all this, they are also static resistant, so no more little shocks in the working day. Except at how good these barber combs are!

If you’re looking for a simple, refined style then you have found it. Black all over, except in the white lettering of our distinctive logo and the comb number. The professional comb has never been more suave.

The packaging is minimal and ecological, giving you the peace of mind on your carbon footprint.

Grab your barber comb bundle today!

Barber Comb 1 – Taper

Popular style for barbering with great flexibility and ideal for scissor over comb work.

Length 18.5cm

Maximum depth 2.5cm

Weight 10g

Barber Comb 2 – Cutting 

Excellent all-round cutting comb suitable for scissor over comb work.

Length 18.3 cm

Maximum Depth 2.5cm

Weight 12g

Barber Comb 3 – Military

Longer comb designed for styling and grooming.

Length 21cm

Maximum depth 2.9cm

Weight 16g