• We want Barbers to take the power back!

    After supplying Barbers worldwide for over half a decade, it is safe to say Dark Stag know a thing or two about Barbers. And we know they aren't happy about something.

It starts with respect. 

Our sleeper agent network of Barbers the world over tell us time and time again that when it comes to styling products, Barbers are sick and tired of being disrespected

Barbers adopt big brands with open arms and do the hard graft every day behind the chair putting them to work.

Blood sweat and tears go into building up product reputation with clients, introducing people to something new for their grooming regime – in plain terms: creating demand for brands.

After a sale or two Barbers then start to lose out on product sales to online retailers, fashion websites, discounters, and the real sting – brands themselves – who all offer more value to your clients, in exchange for less money.

It leaves Barbers in a rather sticky situation after doing their bit to build the brand. Why would otherwise loyal clients buy products from barbers when they can get it cheaper online? 

You may recognise this scenario from bitter experience.

We hear this all the time, and honestly? It stinks. 

Barbers deserve better. 

Dark Stag decided to get involved with a crazy vision of a better way. To change the styling game, and to get stuck into redressing the balance in favour of Barbers. 

We put our heads together with an idea – based around Barber first – and then we consulted with a team of 16 top barbers to polish the s**t out of it until it was better than good enough. It was exceptional

This left us with a standard-setting styling range for us and barbers to be proud of, with an ethos to match. 

This is our big move and it’s been years in the making. 

Introducing ASK YOUR BARBER, a new styling range made in England with a game changing ethos based around respecting and supporting Barbers. This is a range for Barbers to truly own and be proud gatekeepers of.

But what does this mean to the Barber and what makes ASK YOUR BARBER different? 

Barbers get more. Here’s how.


We always want products with the Dark Stag name on to stand up for Barbers. Whilst what’s in the pot does the talking, what’s on the side matters as well. We polled our 20k plus Instagram following and this global Barber panel voted for the design and name closest to their hearts.

ASK YOUR BARBER is both a commitment and a battle cry. 

Our message and our marketing recognises and asserts Barbers as the experts and the heroes. And the best place to get this range from is through Barbers. 

When it comes to clients wanting access to the good stuff for great style. You tell ‘em, we’ll tell ‘em:

“If you want it – ASK YOUR BARBER”.


There is no shortage of styling products out there. Its a total wild west. Choosing something fresh to offer clients can sometimes feel like a gamble.

Will it perform? Will clients like the way it smells? 

We don’t think it should be down to chance. That’s why not us – but Barbers – ruthlessly tested the entire range and picked it apart so we could rebuild it again even stronger. And using expert insights and months of real world barbershop data. 

We exhaustively repeated this until it surpassed all expectations. ASK YOUR BARBER is a winner built from Barber feedback. 


We believe loyalty should be rewarded. 

That’s why loyal stockists of ASK YOUR BARBER will benefit from Dark Stag’s unique position as a crafter of Barber tools. 

Yeah, you read that right. 

With everything all the way up from carbon combs to swish Japanese Steel scissors. With bonafide Barber favourites in between – such as the Dark Stag Kamisori – all up for grabs, loyal Barbers can bag not just top-tier styling products, but fresh tools on the house as well. 

Gratis. Who else can offer that?


We do all this in service of our primary mission: to unleash the creative potential of the global Barber community. 

In every Barbershop, on every street, in every town – there you will find what we stand for.

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