How to use Sea Salt Spray

  • How to use Sea Salt Spray

    Sea Salt Spray is a versatile styling product. Find out when to apply it, how much to use and more. Your total guide on how to use Sea Salt Spray

The lowdown on using Sea Salt Spray.

What is Sea Salt Spray?

The 1960s saw surf style ride the crest of a wave into mass consciousness as an enduring look that would never quite go away. But if you take away the surfboard from the dude, what exactly are you left with? Sun-bleached unfussy lengths of tousled hair with unique texture. That’s what. By the 1980s this image became extremely popular and was no longer intrinsically linked to washboard abs, sun exposure and preternatural balancing in brine.

In the 90’s the term ‘surfer hair’ was used extensively in styling product marketing and the surf look was as much catwalk as boardwalk. This tube ride onto the rather more solid ground of high fashion (and later, high street) meant the surf style shorthand lost some length but retained the signature unkempt and lived-in texture.

Enter stage right the Sea Salt Spray. This modern grooming product is magic in a bottle cleverly formulated to emulate the hair texturising effects of a full day spent in the spray.  Exactly like Ronseal (other brands of wood stain are available) Sea Salt Spray does what it says on the tin. This is achieved using the right balance of naturals and safe synthetics. Sodium chloride – AKA salt – factors very highly in the interaction between Sea Salt Spray and hair for an easy-to-use shortcut to that beloved lived-in look – whatever the style and length of hair, and without the side quest for seeking the perfect wave.

Sea Salt Spray is spritzed onto wet or dry hair and can either be air dried, or more commonly – styles are shaped and controlled using the heat and power of a hair dryer.

Dark Stag’s Sea Salt Spray offers a matte finish with a light controllable hold, beautiful beach fresh fragrance, and the gritty texture helps support the structure of the cut – so hair can be finished with a clay, pomade or powder – or just left as it is.


  • Sea Salt Spray is a unique liquid product for achieving enhanced hair texture. 
  • Sea Salt Spray does actually contain salt to help create this effect!
  • The benefits are enhanced texture and adding great structure to hair, with a matte finish and light controllable hold.
  • Can be air dried or dried with a hair dryer.
  • Can be used as a primer in hair before finishing a style by adding definition or shine to the hair with Matte Clay or Pomade.
  • Versatile enough to be ideal for many short/mid, medium, and long textured styles.

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What does Sea Salt Spray do?

Sea Salt Spray is useful and most prized for adding texture and structure to hair. This is of great benefit for freshly washed hair of any length which can often be fluffy, soft, or floppy. A spritz of Sea Salt Spray dried with the directed air of a hair dryer can help hair sit in a certain direction – so not only does texture get a boost but volume can as well.

Curls and long hair can also be enhanced with a touch of definition, and the added controllability that comes from the gritty texture is a great asset for adding a bit of character to otherwise lifeless locks.

Why would you use Sea Salt Spray?

Dark Stag’s professional barber Sea Salt Spray is a product that gives a great natural matte finish, a light level of hold, enhanced texture, and a volume boost to a huge variety of short/mid to long hair styles of most hair types.

It is an ideal product for mid-short to medium length styles with lots of choppy texture and some height and shape such as a textured quiff or modern mullet. It can ensure textured cuts look at their best with a textured matte finish without the style being too rigidly set.

For less than long styles with shape, structure or height, Sea Salt Spray is also an ideal preparation product in conjunction with using a hair dryer to give greater control to hair before a finishing product such as styling powder or matte clay is used for definition or greater hold.

Curls and long hair benefit from greater definition and texture so shape can be given to the body of hair – great if you want to avoid hair hanging limply.

A hugely versatile styling product, most hair styles – barring short hair – can benefit from Sea Salt Spray.

Dark Stag’s Sea Salt Spray has been years in the making. 

ASK YOUR BARBER is a new styling range made in England by Dark Stag with a game changing ethos based around respecting and supporting Barbers. Part of the range is our Professional Barber Sea Salt Spray. It is a proven winner shaped by extensive barber testing and real world barbershop feedback. We tweaked the formulation until our barber tester panel told us we had absolutely nailed it.

Since 2017 Dark Stag have crafted products thousands of barbers the world over trust and rely on every day. And if they love it, you know its good.

When to use Sea Salt Spray

The best time to use Sea Salt Spray is on clean dry (or towel dried hair).

Long or mid-length hair with a looser more relaxed shape can also be left to air dry, but in many cases a hair dryer offers a nice advantage in terms of controlling the shape and structure by directing the airflow whilst drying.

To dry with a hair dryer then, use a medium temperature and power and use fingers to guide and separate the hair. The direction to dry the hair in depends on the cut, but as a rule look to finish on the front section or fringe, and dry hair in the approximate direction it will sit when finished. E.G direct the air upwards to apply volume or downwards to flatten.

This helps by moving the hair into the shape that provides the best structure and canvas for finishing and styling your desired style.

Using a hair dryer is not essential – but texture and volume is increased when hair is primed with heat and air in this way. If you don’t want to use a hair dryer simply air dry – though volume and boost to structure will be lessened.

How to use Sea Salt Spray

Spray away!

  1. Carefully spritz a light but even covering of Sea Salt Spray over the hair, using more for even more added texture
  2. Work the spray into the hair with your fingers. The hair should be lightly damp, not soggy
  3. At this stage you can distribute into the roots for even more volume
  4. Dry using a hair dryer whilst directing the hair into the desired shape
  5. If liked, finish the style with Matte Clay or Pomade for some extra definition

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