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    Questions and Answers with Jon Dryer

We take a second to sit down with the star of recent launch content for Dark Stag’s new styling range, ASK YOUR BARBER

Welcome Jon! 

Let’s start with a bit about your history in hair and the background to your barbering! Can you outline your barbering career, your experience and background?

I am actually a TONI&GUY qualified hairdresser. I worked within the company for 13 years developing and honing my skills, eventually reaching the level of a premier stylist. In 2018 I won ‘Best Barber in Sussex’ at the Salon Awards

Are there any key choices that led to where you are now and your level of expertise?

I moved from the Brighton salon to Haywards Heath where I met the craziest and most amazing team you could ever hope for. The team was what kept me there! We all pushed each other forward and supported each other both professionally and personally. In my experience a great team is absolutely essential to your own growth.

It may be a cliche, but please – tell us! What do you love about barbering? 

I love the community element that modern barbering has. Connecting with and meeting other barbers offers a huge amount of support and inspiration which is easily accessible to all levels and types of barber.

Tell us about some glory days!

What has been the coolest thing you have done within barbering? Is there a particularly proud career memory for you?

The coolest thing… easy! Cutting hair in front of a secret waterfall in Iceland. It was a world away from the typical barbershop environment – it was nuts! Barbering can really take you places if you work hard and say yes to the right opportunities. 

A proud memory actually came when I was at Master Barbers. Someone came up to me and said “Hey! I’ve seen your video!”. Usually I am generally known for whose hair I cut – but this time the recognition was all mine. He had seen the Iceland waterfall video, and remembered and recognised me – that was definitely a proud moment.

You can watch this video here:


I bet there have been some funny stories along the way?

It was not shown in the video but I actually dropped the chair in the river on the way to the filming location – so if the client is not looking too happy in the video it is because he’s sitting on a soaking wet chair! I mean, in my defense a chair wasn’t the easiest thing to carry when rock-climbing through a canyon! 

Moving on to Dark Stag’s ASK YOUR BARBER range…

What attracted you to getting involved with the launch of the ASK YOUR BARBER styling range?

I’ve worked alongside Dark Stag in the past and was lucky enough to be asked to get involved in the launch. To be one of the first to get my hands on the new ASK YOUR BARBER styling range and showcase what it can do was a cool opportunity.

Which ASK YOUR BARBER product was your favourite and why?

The Sea Salt Spray. It is a great product for almost anyone; whether they want to add a bit of thickness or amplify some natural texture – it is an all round great product and smells amazing too!

Barbering always evolves. Any style/trend forecasting?

I mean, against all odds the mullet happened again, right! After that to predict the future seems near impossible, but I do feel at this moment in time that skin fades have very nearly had their day. Longer lengths are definitely coming through now, and barbers really need to educate clients how to handle more hair. Longer hair has different styling and maintenance needs that may seem totally alien to many clients without guidance. Imparting hair knowledge and tips as part of the service is key to what the very best barbers offer clients.

Anything else you might want to share with the barbering community?

Really listen to your clients and guide them. Good consultation skills before going to work with scissors or clippers is totally crucial to not only results but to both barber and client satisfaction as well.

Thanks very much to Jon Dryer, the star of the launch content for Dark Stag’s ASK YOUR BARBER range, and all round great guy.

To see more expert barbering and antics from Jon, follow his insta on @vineandlee

Check out his introduction to all four ASK YOUR BARBER styling products in video below!

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