Beautiful Black Barber Scissor Coming Soon!

Beautiful Black Barber Scissor Coming Soon!

Dark Stag are delighted to announce that the DSO Offset barber scissor is now in production.  We are kicking off with a 6.5″ and a 7″ black barbers scissor that will be available exclusively at Sally Salon Services in November.  Available only in Sally and Sally Salon Services stores across the UK these razor edge, Japanese steel barber shears are finished in a super durable flurocarbon coating (similar to teflon) and can be viewed, tested and purchased from the Basin St barber section of their stores as well as their website.

The Dark Stag DSO scissor features a removable finger rest for optional pinkie freedom.  The screw system is a key adjustable ultra precision mechanism than provides consistent variable tension combined with an extra smooth feel and action.  Dark Stag have maintained a wide centre of contact around the tension system to a very stable and powerful feel when cutting.  Because of the heavy duty use that barbers can put their barber tools through an extremely durable Japanese steel has been chosen to maintain a very sharp and durable cutting edge that can be trusted right to the tip.

The offset scissor handle arrangement of this black barber scissor is designed to reduce stress on the hand, wrist and arm by positioning the cutting hand in a comfortable position and enabling the elbow to rest in a relaxed position.  This reduces cases of repetitive strain injury and aches that can be common in barbering or cutting hair.

The DSO scissor has been specially designed for barbers.  The durability, feel, size and cutting power are there to ensure the DSO can be trusted by barbers.

Roll on November!

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