Dark Stag Exclusive: The Unique Kamisori Razor

Dark Stag are excited to announce our latest product, the unique Kamisori razor

Even with the release of 13 new products in the last month and a half, Dark Stag have been beavering away to bring you the best of the best! Our clever innovators are happy for us to share the game changing Dark Stag Kamisori razor.

Kamisori razor 2

What is a kamisori razor exactly? The kamisori razor dates back to more than eight hundred years ago, where it was used by Buddhist monks to shave their heads as a symbolism of Buddhist faith. The most glaringly obvious difference in kamisoris and western razors is the lack of scales (handle) for the blade to fold in to. This can make storing them and their portability a bit of a issue, but as long as this is thought of in advance it holds no major disadvantage. The blade of a kamisori is also shorter, an authentic one never exceeds two inches. The blade is also uniquely shaped for a more effective sharpening.

As the Japanese borders gradually opened to the rest of the world, western style razors were introduced to the people. This has not majorly impacted the sale of razors there though. The Kamisori is still the most preferred shaving tool in Japan today.

How is ours different?

Traditional Japanese razor blades are different from western cut throat straight razor blades in the blades craftmanship and honing. Western blades are grounded on one side, kamisori are ground on both sides, but unequally. One side is significantly more hollow than the other. In terms of honing, the standard way to hone the blade is to focus on the lesser grounded side.

Authentic Kamisori razor
Authentic Kamisori razor

Fortunately for the lucky Dark Stag customers, we have found a much less time consuming option. The Dark Stag Kamisori Razor has a specially moulded replaceable blade razor head, in the exact design of a traditional razor. What this means is that it can take the standard double edge razor blades that are available from most retailers.

You may have seen other companies manufacture a similar product, but they all use expensive, custom razor blades. Through our ingenious 3D modelling design process we have invented a way for the standard blades to be utilised, cutting down on both cost and maintenance.

This really is a unique tool that will change the face of shaving and barbering. The smaller head of our kamisori means that almost surgical levels of styling are available. Get the cleanest line on your and your customers beards and moustaches with the Dark Stag Kamisori Razor.

For right-handed users, keep the un-stamped side (Omote) held facing the face and the stamped side (Ura) is facing outwards. Left-handed users will do the reverse.

Check out the razor here, or if you wanted a western version, why not the Dark Stag Premium Replaceable Blade Razor?

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