Dark Stag Kamisori Razor Review

Time and money saver?

Based on an 800 year old Japanese razor design, the Dark Stag Kamisori razor range is weighty and balanced to use gravity to aid the shave.  The tapered head design helps to stretch the skin to ensure the closest shave.  Performance is always a winner but the clearest benefits to the busy barber are the time and money savings.  The Dark Stag Kamisori is the only razor in this style to use half a regular double edge (DE) blade.  This means not only can you choose your favourite brand and not be restricted to a single option, but you don’t need to spend a fortune either. 

…execute small detailing, finishing and patterns as well as full shaves without needing to splash out

With half a DE blade costing anything from 3p barbers can use them with a more carefree abandon.  This means barbers can execute small detailing, finishing and patterns as well as full shaves without needing to splash out. 

The time is saved with the blade change.  Squeeze the back and drop it in and in 2 seconds you are ready to shave.
The traditional Japanese Kamisori razors are only available in a straight model with a leather wrapped grip and are solid blades sharpened using a whetstone and polished on a strop.  Today’s health and safety regulations make solid blades more of a home use item for shaving enthusiasts, so a replaceable blade Kamisori is the best way enjoy the perfect balance and weight of a traditional razor but with the convenience of a modern tool. 

…time is saved with the blade change… in 2 seconds you are ready to shave

Razors in this straight design are still common in Asia today but to accommodate Western tastes Dark Stag have also built a folding version with a durable and disinfectant friendly willow handle – ready to take as much punishment as Ben Stokes cricket bat.  The straight Kamisori’s silicon handle is super durable and provides a secure grip when wet. 

The devil is in the detail…

Between work your razor can be stored in the genuine leather Japanese style pouch provided. The razor back is spring loaded and slides off easily for removing a wet blade and cleaning between shaves. The original straight Kamisori has been available since April and jumped straight to the top of Dark Stag’s best seller list but the launch of the folding version in September 2019 saw this modern classic leapfrog the original. In UK the Kamisori is favoured by many award winning barbers such as Chris O’Riordan and Joe Cartmel, and widely adopted across the UKs barbers shops and beyond as a go to shaving and detailing tool.

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