Product Spotlight: The Dark Stag Straight Replaceable Blade Razor

The Dark Stag Straight Replaceable Blade Razor

This product is a bit of a soft spot for me. Styled after the traditional straight razors of yore (wherever that is). The Straight Replaceable Blade Razor combines old world looks with modern technology and ergonomics.

The Dark Stag Straight Replaceable Blade Razor (or Shavette) is made with stainless steel for the blade and high quality wood for the handle. The wood is light weight, yet provides stability that a  barber needs for extended use every day. A shavette or replaceable straight blade razor is a relative of the traditional cut throat razor, but with the benefit of easily changeable blades. This is ideal for barbers in terms of ease of use and hygiene. This straight razor uses half of a traditional double edge blade, meaning one blade can be used for 2 clients.


The straight replaceable blade razor comes in high quality steel for the blade, including the gently rounded point/tip and toe of the blade. Curving over the face, edge and heel, it continues all the way over the tang, before finishing over the tail. With the steel continuing with the pivot pin. Even the back/spine lock is made of stainless steel, which is used to help keep the replaceable blade in place.

Dark Stag Straight Replaceable Blade Razor

The wooden handle scales of the straight replaceable blade razor are lightweight, yet durable. With a strong, distinctive natural wood finish. The scale is of course individual to each razor as different cuts of wood have different grains, making each razor distinctly unique! The thumb rest is specially moulded to make sure that comfort remains high whilst using it. The gentle curve behind the thumb rest ensures there are no accidental slips during use.

Maintain the traditional look of barbering your customers expect whilst also utilising the benefits of the modern world with the Dark Stag Straight Replaceable Blade Razor.

Suitable for professional use shaving, tidying beards, facial hair and the nape of the neck etc.

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