New Dark Stag Rubber Barber Station Mat

New Dark Stag Product!

Dark Stag Rubber Barber Station MatWe’re so very close to the release of the next wave of Dark Stag products! We have tantalising tools and amazing accessories waiting patiently to be released to you, our loyal customers! In prep for that, here is a look at the ravishing rubber barber station mat!

Dark Stag Rubber Barber Station Mat

The Dark Stag Rubber Barber Station Mat protects your tools and work station from each other with ease. This durable accessory provides grip to prevent essential tools slipping and dropping. Which adds wear to your counter tops and reduces the lifespan of your tools. The Dark Stag Barber Station Mat has been specially made to provide the ultimate heat resistance for placing warm clippers without damage. Our mat is easy to clean and enhances any organised work station.

Dark Stag Rubber Barber Station MatThis beautiful bit of work will be available in the next few weeks so keep your peepers primed for it! If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you’ll be the first to know! Alternatively, sign up to our newsletter for more updates and exclusive offers!




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