New Product Development!

Dark Stag developing new products

We never rest at Dark Stag, constantly looking for ways to improve and new products to offer you. Which is why we are excited to announce the development of a whole new range of products!

We won’t tell you everything (got to keep you hyped for something!), but we will give you all a sneak peek of a selection of new releases that are currently in development.

Dark Stag 3 brushes

Three Dark Stag brushes having their final details confirmed

We are working on the release of 3 brand new brushes, all with wooden handles, with a variety of bristle types and all with a different purpose. The high quality wooden handles are sturdy, yet lightweight, perfect for every day use. The handles also feature a neat little logo touch up in gold detail.

The three new Dark Stag brushes are: beard brush, neck brush, and fade brush.

The beard brush is palm sized with a smooth, easy to grip wooden handle. The bristles are made with boar bristle which are stiff, but also able to tame any facial hair! A fantastic addition to any mans shaving set, and any barbers beard trim and styling.

The neck brush has a sculpted wooden handle, with gentle curves that allow for optimum grip and handling, along with long, soft bristles, ideal for gently sweeping cut hair away.

And lastly, the fade brush is designed with minimalism in mind, with a unique thin design, aimed at decreasing weight for long term and repeated usage. The soft bristles are perfect for skin fading and cleaning blades.

Keep your eyes peeled for this, and a lot more, all coming soon!

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