Spotlight: The Dark Stag DS1 Barber Scissor

The Dark Stag DS1 Barber Scissor

The Dark Stag DS1 is the real work horse of the Dark Stag scissor range, strong and reliable, it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the nations favourite tools!


The Dark Stag Ds1 Barber Scissor

The DS1 is forged in heat treated stainless steel, perfectly cast to provide long lasting performance in this medium weight barber scissor. The scissor is balanced perfectly from point to ring. Both blades are hollow ground, giving you the precision cuts you expect of a quality scissor. One blade is also micro-serrated, ensuring you get a perfect, trustworthy cut right to the tip. This micro-serrated blade also reduces the amount of maintenance needed for your scissors.

The DS1 cutting blade is a beveled edge, which ensure the ultimate cut suitable for chopping work, as well as more advanced techniques. The high performance stainless steel ensures trustworthy precision and an effortless reliable feel. The DS1 blades are also hollow ground, which gives you the precision cuts that you need from your scissors.

Dark Stag DS1 Barber Scissor Cuts and Bruises shop

Our innovative German design screw system provides a smooth feel, whilst also allowing for optimum tension to be selected. The scissor also has a comfortable finger rest, but it is also removable. The DS1 is designed in the classic straight style, which is very popular with barbers.

The DS1 barber scissors can provide many years of quality barbering if well maintained. Regularly clean and oil your scissors and always take your scissors to a qualified, experienced sharpener to increase their longevity.

Available in 6″, 6.5”, 7″.

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