Spotlight: The Dark Stag DS+ Straight Barber Scissor

The Dark Stag DS+ Barber Scissor

This scissor is an old fan favourite, and it’s no secret why. With elegant curves, sleek design, and an ultra-sharp razor edge there’s not a lot that can be improved on! This classic straight handled scissor is perfect for barbers looking to take their tools to the next level.


DS+ Straight Barber Scissor in barbers hand

The Dark Stag DS+ Straight Barber Scissor is constructed in an extremely hard heat treated durable stainless steel. But what does that actually mean? The steel is heat treated to increase the hardness and allow enable a longer lasting acute convex edge. This level of sharpness is only durable if the steel is right so the DS+ range will cut and cut over a long period before any servicing or sharpening is required. The steel is compounded with refined, modern forging techniques with carbon, chromium, molybdenum, and manganese to achieve state-of-the-art characteristics. We here at Dark Stag went all out with the creation of these scissors, mixing old world high quality forging with modern techniques to create not just a tool, but a work of art. These scissors provide long lasting precision and an effortless, reliable feel.

Dark Stag DS+ Straight Barber Scissor

A razor sharp, acute convex edge ensure that the barber scissors are high performance no matter the work they are doing, including more advanced techniques, such as slide cutting, point cutting and texturising. It is the sharpest edge you can get on your scissors, but be aware that without proper care and usage it can lose its edge. Always make sure to take your scissors to a fully qualified sharpener, as the DS+ needs special care when sharpening.

The ultra precise screw system provides both adjustable, stable tension and a silent, smooth feel, free from resistance.

If you are looking for your new barber scissor then look no further, be you beginner or master barber, the Dark Stag DS+ Straight Barber Scissor is the tool for you.

The DS+ Barber Scissor is also available in offset style, as the Dark Stag DS+ Offset and DS+ Offset Left-handed.

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