Spotlight: The Kamisori Razor

The Dark Stag Kamisori Razor

We’ve been absolutely astounded with the level of response the razor has received. We’ve completely sold out not one, not two, but three weeks in a row! We’re only just keeping up! We’re incredibly thankful for the hundreds of barbers using and loving the Kamisori, and we hope to bring this joy to many more. So, without further ado, here is the Dark Stag Kamisori razor:


The Dark Stag Kamisori Razor is our latest flagship product. The traditional Japanese razor design of this straight razor makes it perfect for shaping, styling and shaving your customers beards and ‘staches. Changing the blade takes 2 seconds: pinch the head to drop out the used blade and pop in the replacement. Combined with the spring mounted one touch blade holding mechanism, the Kamisori can be opened easily for cleaning and disinfecting. Perfect for the busy barber.


The Dark Stag Kamisori on wood with leather pouch

The Dark Stag Kamisori Razor has a specially moulded replaceable blade razor head.  This means you can choose your favourite brand of blades, as it can use any standard double edge blade. We cast the razor in the exact design of the traditional Kamisori razor, an homage to the 800+ years of Japanese barbering history. This design without the western scales is nimble and free from obstruction.

One of the most common issues with replaceable blade razors, or shavettes, is that the blade can become stuck or difficult to remove when wet. Which when shaving someone can mean every time. To combat this we added a secondary system for removing the blade, which involves simply sliding the top cover off and taking the blade out. This is perfect for a deeper clean at the end of the day, or for the particularly hygienic barbers among you between shaves.

The Dark Stag Kamisori in packaging on wood

You may have seen other companies manufacture a similar product, but they all use expensive, custom razor blades. Through our ingenious 3D modelling design process we have invented a way for the standard double edge blades to be utilised, cutting down on both cost and maintenance.

With one edge used per client this provides the most cost effective route to a perfect shave. The spring mounted one touch blade holding mechanism can be opened easily for cleaning and disinfecting. Changing the blade takes 2 seconds: pinch the head to drop out the used blade and pop in the replacement. The fastest blade change on the market!

What is a Kamisori?

The Dark Stag Kamisori with leather pouch

What is a Kamisori razor exactly? The word ‘Kamisori’, or in the Japanese kana ‘カミソリ’ actually translates directly to ‘razor’. This demonstrates how common the use of this tool must be as it’s the default word for the standard shaving implement.

The Kamisori razor dates back to more than eight hundred years ago, where it was used by Buddhist monks to shave their heads as a symbol of their faith. The most glaringly obvious difference in eastern razors and western razors is the lack of scales (handle) for the blade to fold in to. This can make storing them and their portability a bit of a issue, but as long as this is thought of in advance it holds no major disadvantage. Our tool includes a free leather pouch, protecting your tool from any risk of scratches or damage. The blade of a kamisori is also shorter, an authentic one never exceeds two inches. The blade is also uniquely shaped for a more effective sharpening.

As the Japanese borders gradually opened to the rest of the world, western style razors were introduced to the people. This has not majorly impacted the sale of razors there though. The Kamisori is still the most preferred shaving tool in Japan today.

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