How to style a men’s Caesar cut

The Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a timeless classic that isn’t really that old. It is named after the Roman Emperor Caesar Tiberius, whose images and busts frequently show him wearing his hair in the style. The modern cut however has only been around since the 1990s! It has been popular with George Clooney, dr dre, Eminem, Brian Littrell, Antonio Banderas, Drake, and many more!

In the above video you can learn how to give the Caesar cut in one quick and easy tutorial! The Caesar cut is a low-profile, short men’s cut with a fringe. It’s a versatile cut that looks good on almost all hair types.

The Caesar is perfect for all ages and manages to look both fashionable and professional (a rare feat!). The Caesar cut is a short style, around 1-2″ max, the same length all around and brushed forward. It’s a fantastic haircut for men with receding hairlines as it manages to conceal it without being too obvious. It also works on all hair textures: straight or wavy, thick or thin.

How to cut it

As you want this cut to be the same length all around, the first step is to decide how long you want it, typically between 1 to 2 inches. If you have textured hair you may want to consider going for the “Dark Caesar” , which is a little shorter.

Wash and comb the hair, patting it dry with a towel once washed and comb it out. If the hair is long, it’s best to cut a lot of length off (just not shorter than the desired length!) as this will be a shorter style it’s easier to manage whilst cutting with shorter hair.

And start cutting! It is easiest to do this with the scissor over comb method, going with the grain of the hair. Begin cutting the hair at the top of the head, starting from the back and moving to the front. Do the sides next, also going back-to-front, but at a slight downward angle. Do the back of the head last, going straight down. Leave a 2-3 inch strip of hair a the front of the hairline.

Comb the hair forward and then cut the bangs. Cut straight across, making sure that they are even. Start from the middle of the bangs and slowly work your way to the outer edges. Make sure to blend the bangs with the rest of the hair on top, otherwise it may look a bit odd. Hold the bangs up with your hand and use scissors to lightly trim some of the hairs.

Check out our scissor fade tutorial video to find out how to give your clients the best fade for this style!

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