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Dark Stag Badger Shaving Brush
New Dark Stag Badger Hair Shaving Brush! The final products in our new range are finally here, so we're passing the spotlight over our gorgeous new Badger Hair Shaving Brush! Badger Hair Shaving Brush The Dark Stag Badger Hair Shaving Brush is designed with the traditional aesthetic in mind, barbers across the world have been[...]

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A man trying to shave himself with a blunt razor. Lithograph by William Green after M.W. Fry, ca. 1820
With the release of the brand new Dark Stag Shaving Set we thought it was high time to confront the itchy red beast that all men are familiar with: shaving rash, or razor burn, depending on location, though how they missed out on the pleasing sounding razor rash is beyond me. Whether you use the[...]

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Tattooed barber uses clippers on customers hair
If you, dear reader, were to take a quick look through a few barbers Instagram pages (other social media sites are available) you may notice that a lot of them have a tattoo or two, probably quite a few more. Yet somehow this adult male in his mid twenties (dear writer) has never really thought[...]

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