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It’s unavoidable: life in lockdown means longer locks. Here at Dark Stag, we want to support barbers in any way we can – from offering handy YouTube tutorials to this, our list of the very best competitively-priced barber shears from Dark Stag and our sister companies. So if you’re keen on choosing the best lockdown hairdressing scissors, you’ve come to the right place, and you don’t have to just take our word for it – The Sun just named our DS1 scissor one of the five best hairdressing scissors to buy in 2021!

The Dark Stag DS1 Barber Scissor is a great option for home haircuts and perfecting that lockdown look
Dark Stag DS1 Barber Scissor

The celebrated, Sun-certified Dark Stag DS1s are pure barber scissors – perfect for perfecting your partner’s lockdown look. One micro-serrated blade ensures a trustworthy cut right to the tip, making home haircuts less of a chore. Heat-treated stainless steel provides long-lasting performance in this medium-weight barber’s shear; even if your ‘Corona cut’ takes longer than you’d like, your hand won’t get tired. Not only that, but it’s available in 6″, 6.5″ and 7″ varieties, meaning hairdressers with hands of any size can try out a new lockdown look. They’re available here, starting at just £42.

Glamtech One Scissor
Glamtech One Scissor

When thinking about the best scissors for cutting hair at home, cheaper haircutting scissors and entry-level hairdressing scissors are obviously many wannabe stylists’ first choice. The Glamtech One comes in smaller sizes – in 5″, 5.5″, 6″, 6.5″ and 7″ varieties – and it’s one of the bestselling hairdressing scissors for a reason. Traditionally a student scissor, it makes for the perfect beginner’s blade thanks to its low, low starting price point of £19 and its super-sharp edges. With the One, you can expect an accurate, straight cut… even if it’s in the kitchen! Find the Glamtech One here.

Dark Stag DS Steel Barber Scissor

The competitively priced DS Steel Barber Scissor is Dark Stag’s secret weapon: a lockdown haircut essential priced at just £29.99. It may be made by Dark Stag, but this truly is the workhorse of the industry – the perfect, perfectly priced tool for precise home haircuts. Forged in beautiful, high-performance heat-treated stainless steel, they feature a razor sharp, acute convex razor’s edge. If you’re choosing the best barber shears for home haircuts, get these professional shears for a fraction of the price of their premium counterparts. You can pick up a pair of DS Steels for £29.99 here.

Siroshi Hairdressing Scissor

The lowest-price on this list, the Siroshi Hairdressing Scissor slices through the competition to deliver a fantastic cut forged in sturdy stainless steel. At just £12.45, they were designed for beginner barbers and on-demand home haircutting! Crafted for easy styling at any skill level, the Siroshis are streamlined, medium weight and enable budding barbers of all budgets and skill levels to confidently cut hair at home. If you’re choosing the best home hairdressing scissors, you really can’t go wrong with the Siroshi – they were designed for it. Buy them here for just £12.45!

Glamtech Neon

Get an altogether different lockdown look with the Glamtech Neon, priced at just £28.80. Available in Purple, Green, Red and Pink, the Neons are no slouch when it comes to home haircutting. A coloured cut above the rest, they’re based on the Glamtech One, and are hand crafted to ensure their offset, ergonomic design delivers a great cut, every time. Available in 5.5″, they’re a styling style icon and perfect for helping hairstylists lock down the best haircuts, even in lockdown. You’ll find the Neons available here.

So there you have it: the best lockdown hairdressing scissors. Perfect for cutting hair at home, these five competitively priced cutting icons will make lockdown looks a thing to be proud of!

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