Product Spotlight: The Dark Stag Fade Brush

The Dark Stag Fade Brush

Our fade brush stands out with it’s classic design and soft bristles, perfect for creating slick fades. Check out our Tooled Up vid below and the post below for more details!

The Dark Stag Fade Brush 4

The Dark Stag Fade Brush is the ideal tool for creating the perfect fade. Created with perfectly judged soft bristles for removing cut hair during fade work. Designed for clipper fade cuts, we’ve made sure this brush is ideal for removing hair from clippers too. Comfortable for use on even the most sensitive of scalps. The fade brush handle comes in a beautifully rich, dark wood, embossed with the golden Dark Stag logo. We’ve moved away from the classic teardrop shape for a more ergonomically designed handle, for maximum comfort with extended use and perfect control. This fade brush is another fantastic tool to add to your reliable, quality Dark Stag collection.


The Dark Stag Fade Brush is made with elegant, rich and smooth dark wood. We have utilised soft yet strong bristles to effortlessly perfect your fades. The wood is fragrant, contrasting the solid and sturdy construction of the tool. The bristles are firmly attached to the handle, minimising shedding and maximising the life of your brush. The fade brush handle moves away from the current trend of teardrop handles, opting for the old school military handle. The military handle was more ergonomically designed, aimed at barbers who had to cut a lot of hair for a long duration.

The soft but firm bristles of the fade brush remove cut hair efficiently, clearly defining fade work, without hair sticking to the scalp and helping to identify any imperfections. Ideal for both scissor-over-comb and clipper-over-comb work. We have made sure the bristles are perfect for removing hair on the scalp, but also from scissor and clipper blades. By maintaining a soft texture to the bristles, we have made sure that it is comfortable for use on even the most sensitive of scalps.

Dimensions: 215mm x 30mm x 30mm

This tool is the perfect partner for our brushes and combs: the Dark Stag Neck BrushBeard Brush, and Three Carbon Barber Comb Bundle! Get all of the stylish tools you need in one go!

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