The Dark Stag Badger Hair Shaving BrushThe Dark Stag Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Badger Hair Shaving Brush


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Shaving Brush 

This new addition to our brush collection combines the perfect mix of badger bristle to form a rich lather quickly and easily. Badger bristle provides excellent exfoliation and gently massages the skin whilst lifting your facial hair. Perfect for a smooth, nick-free shave.

The brush is the perfect partner to any of our razors.

Synthetic option also available here

Leah L Trombley

Quality product/great price Bought as a gift and was told that the softness and quality [were] excellent


Shaving brush For my father's birthday present


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Badger Hair Shaving Brush

The Dark Stag badger hair shaving brush is designed with the traditional aesthetic in mind, barbers across the world have been using this design since the 18th century! You can offer an authentic barbershop experience with the Dark Stag badger hair shaving brush.

The Dark Stag badger hair shaving brush has been designed with an advanced, modern analysis of bristle dispersal for optimal brush hair placement, making the perfect shave. Badger hair is exceptionally absorbent, the water that gets mixed into a lather is held between the individual hairs. The brush bristles are attached securely so do not shed over time. This is about as traditional badger shaving brush you can get without buying an antique!


Applying shaving cream with the shaving brush has many benefits. The badger bristles hold just enough water to produce a rich, thicker lather, this has been uniquely enhanced by the mix of different types of badger bristles, providing the ultimate efficiency in whipping up a lather. With proper technique the beard hair will be perfectly lifted and prepared for a close shave. Spread the lather thoroughly and you will find shaving has never been easier. To really perfect your shave, apply the lather with circular and upward motions so that the shaving brush can cover all of the hair.

If you regularly suffer from razor burns, you should consider using this tool. The badger hair shaving brush will massage your skin more than a synthetic brush, one of the main advantages to a badger bristle, and soften the beard almost to a fluff, so that you won’t have to add much pressure with the razor. Let gravity do the hard work. The massage will also increase the blood circulation, which will protect your skin from irritations. As an added bonus, with proper technique you can reduce the number of ingrown hairs. Your skin will look better than ever, along with being smooth and soft! If you are still suffering from razor burn, consider using this guide.

The brush is the perfect partner to any of our razors.

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