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Keeping this content train rolling, we’ve made a great tutorial on slice cutting! Slice cutting is a great technique to master, it combines adding texture AND reduces weight and volume. A hard combo to find. Luckily, you have the Dark Stag team and their wealth of knowledge to help you learn all about it!

When to use slice cutting

The idea of slice cutting is a fantastic technique for cutting hair quickly. Reducing weight and volume, whilst also adding in texture. This does not compromise the length of the hair overall, and can create movement without giving too wispy a look. You wouldn’t want to use this on hair that’s too fine, as you would want to be retaining more weight. So try to use this on medium to thick hair.

Slice cutting breaks up solid shapes and removes weight from key areas of the head. So feel free to use this wherever it is needed.

We recommend using the Dark Stag DS+ range of scissors, as these have a convex razor edge. A razor edge allows fora perfect, clean cut, and won’t snag on the hair. Make sure to never use a serrated scissor, and ideally not a bevelled edge, as these are usually paired with a micro-serrated blade which will jam with hair when slicing.

Slice cutting technique, from Dark Stag Barber Basics


Comb a 3-inch-wide section of hair upward and stop half way down the shaft. Keep the shears partially open and insert them inside of the section, above your fingers. Slice the shears through the hair, leaving 1/4 inch spaces in between slices. Always keep the shears open to avoid removing too much hair. This technique will remove weight and create movement. Dry the hair to see the full effect. The slicing may be repeated on dry hair if more weight needs to be removed.

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