Bone Dry Shaving Brush!

Wet to Dry in no time

The Dark Stag shaving brush features an innovative manufacturing technique that enables the bristles to dry after shaving and rinsing with just one shake.

The very best barber equipment is simple, good quality and without gimmicks. No one likes barber tools that promise to make barberlife easy when in actual fact they fail to get the basics right. Dark Stag worked hard in the development phase to ensure that every item in our range earns its place – from cut throat razors, safety razors, strops, straight razors:  everything required for a quality wet shave, through to scissors and combs – the bread and butter of any barber. The bottom line is we make superior barber equipment for quality barbering.

One innovation we decided to keep was related to our shaving brush. You can read in a previous article about all of the benefits of synthetic bristles vs natural bristles, but one feature that we believe sets our shaving brush apart is its quick drying ability. After whipping up a rich lather and experiencing the best wet shave you’ve had in years, rinse the shaving brush under a running tap and give it a shake. You will find it is bone dry almost instantly. This makes it perfect for travelling where you simply don’t have time to wait for your shaving equipment to dry out before hitting the road. One shake and the Dark Stag shaving brush is ready to stow away in your washbag.

You can check out the demo from Dark Stag director Andrew Wiseman in the video above! 

For the best wet shave, we recommend using our shaving brush in tandem with the Dark Stag shaving bowl, and the Dark Stag SR1 safety razor – all 3 products are available separately now, and as part of a luxurious shaving set at the end of the month.

Happy Shaving!

Dark Stag Team

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