Dark Stag Comb 3 - Military CombDark Stag Comb 3 - Military Comb

Barber Comb 3 – Military



Dark Stag’s barber combs are made of a carbon fibre mix to ensure extreme strength and durability.  All are anti-static and heat resistant up to 230°C.

Comb 3 – Military

Longer comb designed for styling and grooming.

Length 21cm

Maximum depth 2.9cm

Weight 16g


High quality barber's comb I really like the feel of this comb. It feels very sturdy and works well for me (as a novice)


As advertised I was envisioning it to be a bit longer which is why I gave it a 4 out of 5 rating. That said it performed as we needed it to.

Alan GP

I gotta say... ...this might be the best comb... ever

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Barber Comb 3 – Military Comb

Longer comb designed for styling, de-tangling and grooming hair. Precisely engineered sharp teeth with no rough edges that would snag hair.

The carbon composition of the military comb ensures that they are anti-static, and heat and chemical resistant. Ideal for every day use in the barbershop or at home.


Length 21 cm

Maximum depth 2.9 cm

Weight 16g

Top Tips

Use this comb for precise combing and creating the perfect parting. One of the best qualities of the military comb is that it is designed to precisely control hair whilst also massaging the roots. Despite having sharp teeth, the comb will not damage hair or scratch the scalp. The smoothed teeth of the military comb enables it to slide easily and efficiently through hair, without producing static, making it ideal for accompanying blow drying.

In the barbershop, the Dark Stag Military Comb will help create a “soft volume” look for a customer. If the customer wants to have a more complete look, but not too harsh, using a comb while blow-drying will achieve that. To add extra hold, we recommend applying a small amount of volumizing cream at the crown, to get lift, but don’t apply any product on the sides. Powder-dry the cream into the hair with a comb to add volume. Try to mimic the motion of a brush, picking the hair up at the base with the comb, and pulling it straight up with tension for soft volume with hold.

At home, the military comb can be used for styling hair at the start of the day, ideally with a small amount of product combed through the hair to create a held look. Once again, to gain volume we recommend using a hair dryer in accessory to the military comb. Keep this comb on your person and you can look sleek and styled throughout the day!

This comb is a perfect partner to our barber scissors.

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Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 25 × 4 × 0.20 cm