New Men’s Grooming Products

New Product Development

Dark Stag are excited to announce the development of some brand spanking new men’s grooming tools. Our loyal customers will never need to fear for their well-maintained image again. So let’s have a little sneak peak!

The Dark Stag Men's Tweezers

Is it odd to call tweezers stealthy?

The Dark Stag Men’s Tweezers in sleek matte black is a fantastic addition to any mans kit. This minimalist tool, with a sleek, slim, and simple design, will appeal to any modern man.

The Dark Stag Men's Nail Clipper

A nail clipper looking so sharp it can cut…. your nails

The brand new Dark Stag Men’s Nail Clipper is the perfect addition for any mans grooming regime. Made in stealth black, stainless steel and an innovative folding system, who knew a clipper could be so ruthlessly masculine?

Both of these cool as cucumber tools will be available by the end of the month, so keep those peepers peeled! Your grooming needs will soon all be taken care of by your favourite barber brand: Dark Stag.

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