The Dark Stag Black Barber TweezersThe Dark Stag Black Barber Tweezers

Matte Black Barber Tweezers


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The Dark Stag Men’s Tweezers in sleek matte black is a fantastic addition to any mans kit. This minimalist tool, with a sleek, slim, and simple design, will appeal to any modern man.

Dimensions: 105mm x 10mm x 8mm

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The Dark Stag Matte Black Barber Tweezers

Dark Stag pride ourselves on our precision and quality, featuring in many barbering publications across the globe. This minimalist tool, with a sleek, slim, and simple design, will appeal to any modern man.


We intensely researched what it takes to make the perfect tweezers, making sure the handle shape fits comfortably between the fingers, and that the slanted head best suits the wide variety of different face types. With careful material selection, as too sharp and it can cut. We even looked at the gap needed to get the perfect hold on the hair. So you can say with confidence, this pair of tweezers is made with me in mind.

The tweezers come in a stealth matte black, easy to grip when compared to a glossy finish and visually striking. The tweezers have perfectly aligned hand finished tips in stainless steel. The sharp, slanted edge and micro-fine tip allow you to tweeze the finest of strands and tiny hairs that are just coming through, without pinching the skin or cutting the hair. Slanted tip tweezers offer the most versatility, making them the most popular, enhanced by their ease of use.

Be exceptionally careful not to drop these tweezers, as they can be knocked out of alignment. Knocking out of alignment will mean they lose their precision. Also keep the tips protected when not in use. For best results, always remove hair in the direction of the growth, one hair at a time. The slanted shape is ideal for tweezing brows as the edge can easily grab hairs while the point can be used for more precise plucking. The slant also naturally follows the contour of the brow.

Dimensions: 105mm x 10mm x 8mm

This product is the ideal companion to the Dark Stag Barber Nail Clipper, also in matte black.

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